Once around the world

Start: New York City

I kicked off the trip with three days in New York where I just floated randomly through the city.

I was feeling mixed: excited about the year of travel that we had ahead of us, exhausted from the gargantuan project of moving out of our apartment in Munich, and unable to imagine that in a few days I would be on a flight to Seoul, en route to Kuala Lumpur!

New York is packed with interesting little brunch/lunch/dinner places, such as the Antique Garage in SOHO (see picture above).

At dinner one night at my hotel, I had a funny multicultural encounter. Seated at a large communal table between a German family, a couple of Italian guys, and a French couple, I could not help but to overhear their conversations. The German family spent dinner complaining about everything they had come across in New York: weather, prices, traffic, etc. The Italian guys were discussing the latest fashion, and the French couple were of course comparing New York food with the food in their beloved homeland, and – obviously – found it thoroughly lacking.

So, stereotypes come from somewhere, don’t they?

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